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Should I sharpen my pencil or soften my voice? performance DRAWin festival 2018 (UK), photo by Ram Samocha
Should I sharpen my pencil or soften my voice?performance DRAWin festival 2018 (UK),photo by Ram Samocha

A line drawn together

A great opportunity to support my residency in DRAWinternational (Caylus, FR) and to contribute to my research period in Amsterdam Noord.

In April 2019 I am going to DRAWinternational(FR). During this residency I will investigate the possibilities of drawing actions in public space. I create a dialogue with other people and with the environment through drawing. I invite the audience to respond with a subtle pencil line, a gesture or look. I have several “conversations” with ever-changing sounds, rhythms, colors and lines. Every material and every person has his own “conversation”, his own drawing. I continue this research in a series of interactive drawing performances in Amsterdam Noord in collaboration with Nieuw Dakota.

I already received a support from Stichting Gerbrandy Cultuurfonds. This grant, however, does not cover the cost of materials for my residency in Draw and International research period in Amsterdam. That is why I ask you for a financial support. You can donate or choose for one of the beautiful gifts, described below. Give your friend a workshop, buy a beautiful drawing for yourself or join a collective drawing performance. You can donate until March 24, 2019 by sending me an e-mail (

Everyone who donates receives a personal message, a glimpse of my research in Caylus. Thank for your contribution to my project.

Happy thoughts
Liesje van den Berk

“Men in the plural, that is, men in so far as they live and move and act in this world, can experience meaningfulness only because they can talk with and make sense to each other and to themselves.”

Arendt, H. (1958-2018). The Human Condition (2e) Chicago &London: The University of Chicago Press, p. 4

option 1: € 10,-
13 Postcards

You will receive a set of cards from my previous work (2009, 2015) and two postcards of new drawings of this project.

Ik geef je een lijn, Performance, duration 30 minuten, Buitenkunst Randmeer,2017, photo by Keke Keukelaar

I give you a line, performance photo’s by Keke Keukelaar

option 3a: € 35
Participation in a collective drawing performance in Amsterdam Noord

half day, including coffee and / or tea and poetic memory
Data in consultation
for 1 person

Join one of the try-outs of my performance for Nieuw Dakota(Amsterdam Noord). A group of participants is invited to connect with each other without words through drawing.

option 3b: € 1000
Collective drawing performance for your own group

If you want a collective drawing performance for your own company, group of friends or family, choose this option.
half day, including coffee and / or tea and poetic memory
excluding travel expenses
Dates and location in consultation
max. 16 people

option 6a: € 60,-
Workshop Drawalks in Amsterdam Noord

3 hours including material (use of drawing material and personal unique sketchbook)
for 1 person
Dates in consultation
Possible data:
Saturday: 18, 25 May, 15, 29 June
Sunday: 12, 19, 26 May, 16 June

In Amsterdam Noord I will invite a small group of people to join my Drawalks. Participants receive simple drawing exercises for walking and drawing at the same time.

option 6b: € 500,-
Group workshop
If you would like to attend a Drawalks workshop with your own group of friends, family or colleagues, then choose this option.
3 hours including material (use drawing material and personal unique sketchbook)
excluding travel expenses
Location and dates in consultation
up to 10 people

option 2: € 22,-
Artbook Fata Morgana van Rust

dutch language

In 2009, I made the book Fata Morgana van Rust from a performance. The book includes drawings, installations, performances and texts from the players, students Artist Theater at the Rijn IJssel College in Arnhem. You can transform the book into a white tent, a personal oasis to leave thoughts behind.

Tone down the edge of an itchy stone, performance (CY), photo by Polymnia Tsinti

option 4: € 40,-
Dust of a conversation

Be surprised and receive the dust of a conversation!

option 5: €55,-
Drawing Drawalk
Pencildrawing on paper
21x 14,8 cm

I use my drawing methodology “Drawalks” to arrive and interconnect myself with environment. In “Drawalks” I observe and capture data through sensory experience, walking and drawing. At MAE artists’ retreats in Sesimbra(PT) I started “Drawalks(2014-..)”. I drew the sea while walking along the shoreline capturing the constant transformation of the landscape. With this method I constantly change perspective and mark the different aspects and movements of the landscape.

Examples of previous Drawalks

option 7: €250
Interactive one-to-one performance plus sound recording and drawing as a memory
Dates and location in consultation
for 1 person

In this interactive one-to-one drawing performance, the act of drawing is
the work of art. Two pencils form in two continuous lines not only a drawing, but also a connection. Each “conversation” leads to a different
composition of movements and sounds and a different drawing of lines, rhythms and tones.