26 March 2023
222Lodge Dordrecht
Photo’s by Nico Parlevliet
Material: tape measure, chalk
Video by Steef

Equinox – same but different
The Equinox is an international day of public action for freedom for all people. On the Equinox, which takes place twice each year (around 20 March and 22 September), the day and night last approximately the same length around the world. In this spirit of this cosmic equality, a global connection emerges between people performing together in public space.
This sharing of time and space together brings us closer together, creates a temporary global community that encourages non-violent expression, through performance art in local-specific conditions.
All are welcome to participate with openness and in solidarity, to embrace and embody diversity, while acknowledging each other’s individual circumstances, difficulties and conflicts.Collaborations arose spontaneously. There was no programme of consecutive performances. Everything took place simultaneously within the specified hour.

ieke Trinks, Peter Baren, Ienke Kastelein, Yvette Teeuwen, Lotte Werkema, Kirsten Heshusius, Kamila Wolszczak, Geerten Ten Bosch, Yvo van der Vat, Kathrin Wolkowicz, Gerwin Luijendijk, Topp & Dubio, Ellen Rodenberg, Maarten Schepers, Jolanda Jansen, Liesje van den Berk, Marita Bullmann, Philemon Mukarno, Martine Viale, Nico Parlevliet, Frans van Lent.