I give you a line

Duration: 30 minutes
Material: 12 participants, 12 graphite pencils, a long wooden table, approximately 100 x 550 cm, covered with white paper, a camera and beamer
Drawing Centre Diepenheim, 16 november 2019
concept: Liesje van den Berk
photo’s by: Tom Janssen

Participants are invited to make a connection with each other without using any words, by drawing a continuous line together. The pencils pass from hand to hand without being lifted off the line. The mutual relationships between the lines, the hands and the interactions of the participants constitute a unique process, which shows both the individuality of drawing and the solidarity of a collective that moves as one body during drawing. The interrelationship between the lines, the hands and interactions of the participants is broadcasted live on a big screen behind the performers. This creates a simultaneous reflexive situation, a mirrored image between real time interaction and its representation.

photo’s by Tom Janssen