Amstelpark, Zone2Source, Amsterdam
21 May 2017
45 minutes
Concept, drawing and drawing sound: Liesje van den Berk
Cornet, voice and composition: Felicity Provan
Decor: Jakob Proyer and Liesje van den Berk
Photo’s by: Jeen Rabs

Do you see the light dancing through the park? Do you hear the birds chatting far away? A musician and visual artist observe and reorganize the impressions and experiences of the park. These observations come together in a unique interplay of music, movement and lines on paper. During a 45-minute interdisciplinary family performance a monumental landscape drawing appears in the middle of the Amstelpark. The audience is challenged to observe and represent the park in a different way. Different senses are stimulated to experience new connections between environment, space, sound, drawing, movement and public.