Power of Colour
First tryout interactive performance
Material: Military uniform, rainbow flag/ pace flag / LGTB flag, scissors, needle, thread, a soldier and a participant of the audience.
Performance Art NL “Open Performance Academy – OPA 1”
Wolfart Projectspace, Rotterdam, 5 April 2018,
Duration: 2 hours
Photo by Ronald Bal

“Power of Colour” reacts to the increasingly confusing, tenuous and divided world we live in and intends to find a way to create a new connectivity. The threat of terrorism causes more soldiers on the street. For me soldiers aren’t a sign of safety and control but more of fear and friction. This performance intends to explore the unity of the variegation.

In the performance I wear a military uniform. All the protective colors of the military uniform is cut out and replaced by the colors of the rainbow flag. The performance is a continuous intimate one-to-one interaction with the audience, where I invite them to cut out a piece from my uniform and sew in a color as replacement.