Should I sharpen my pencil or soften my voice?
Interactive Performance in public space
Duration: 30 minutes
Material: Stones and other found objects of the beach of Brighton and sandpaper
Performers: Liesje van den Berk & public
DRAWin festival by Draw to Perform. International Festival for Drawing Performance curated by Ram Samocha
3 April 2018, Fabrica Gallery – Centre for Contemporary Art, Brighton, UK
Photo’s by Ram Samocha
Video by Domenico Dominelli

In this interactive performance a dialogue was created between the public, the surroundings and performer. Found objects of Brighton were drawn and sanded in a straight line to soften the edges. The objects were filed to dust but also became refined gems. Traces of dust lines are a memory of a temporary presence, an expression of identity in a site-specific place, a dialogue without words.